Curated Shorts: Materials exploration series: Six Saturday’s, Beginning January 12th

The Department of  Regional Art Workers offers our second series of materials exploration workshops, in a variety of media. Meet local artists, sample a few selections from our Curated Shorts or enroll in the whole series. This Series teaching artists include, Judith Hoyt, Jenny Lee Fowler, Chris Petrone, Wayne Montecalvo, Kelly McGrath and Carol Struve. Explore our Curated Shorts Winter Schedule.

Feel what you see / Paint what you see Guided Seeing with Dan Green


I'll be playing Master Of Ceremonies for an exploration of seeing, thinking, feeling and maybe translating things into two dimensions with paint and stuff. Materials will be provided care of D.R.A.W.! Please bring along with you, a small object that holds importance to you in some way. Fun is guaranteed... "ART" is not. That's up to all y'all... Turn On, Tune In and Drop Up! Read more

Six Sessions: Monday’s, Feb 11 - Mar 18 6pm -8pm

$175 Y members, $200 General All materials included

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Youth Art Studio: Ages 10 -14


Youth Art Studio is a weekly program designed to offer middle school students a safe, creative space to create, explore and express themselves through the arts. Students will build skills and explore a wide variety of materials and tools, with local artists.

Begins Thursday, January 10 - Feb 7 | 3:30 - 5:30pm

Six sessions: $150 general, $125 for Y members Scholarships available! contact JoAnna@drawkingston.org

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Intro to Drawing with Stephen Lewis


The purpose of this class is to explore the the physical act of ‘drawing”, from its most basic, as a form of mark making, to a more complete language that explores space and volume through a series drawing experiences This class is open to ages 14 and up. Whether you are new to drawing or want to get back into the practice, you will be supported. Read more… Fridays, 6-8pm, January 11 - February 15, 2018 Ages 14 - never to old

Six Sessions: $175.00 Y members , $200.00 General, All materials provided

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Costumed Drawing Sessions: Winter, January 15 - April 2

Tuesday’s 6:30pm-8:30pm,

Drop in, $8 for Y members, $10 for non members, or register here

Costumed Drawing is an open series of figure drawing sessions, hosted by the D.R.A.W. at the YMCA in Kingston. Sessions feature costumed and cosplay models, dressed as characters from both popular culture and from the model’s own creation. The goal is to offer those drawing, a unique and lively spin on traditional figure drawing, while also offering a chance for local Cosplay/Fashion talent to show their work. The sessions are facilitated by SUNY New Paltz graduate and KHS alumna Rebecca Hellard. Basic Materials are provided for all sessions.

For more information about the sessions, or for information about becoming a model for us, contact Rebecca Hellard at rhellardart@gmail.com.