First Installation

I arrived at the Kingston Artists Collective at 11:00am on a Friday, as ready as I'd ever be to hang my first gallery show (that is, of someone else's work, not to mention someone whose work is actually framed and not just loose bits of paper like my own). Upon waiting for G to arrive with the necessary supplies, I sank into the couch by the door.

Daniel, who operates as both barista and proprietor, introduced himself to Allysia, Jeanetta, and I. Throughout our installation, I really appreciated how ready Daniel was to help us with anything we may have needed, from conjuring up a cup of coffee to lending us a broom.

When we started working, I felt a bit overwhelmed, but the process wasn't nearly as overwhelming as I had expected it to be. My imagination ran wild with thoughts of hanging the show only to find out we did the whole thing wrong, that in re-hanging I had shattered the glass of one of the artist's (Vincent Pidone's) favorite pieces, and would never be forgiven.  

Thankfully, my struggles consisted of sweeping up dust, measuring a wall that was a teensy bit slanted, and Vincent's beautifully multi-layered work that, upon hanging it, gave me a slight headache. It was worth it.

All in all, I am proud of myself for successfully using a hammer, allowing math and art to coexist where they must, and not shattering the glass.

Nick Carroll

D.R.A.W & P.U.G.G Kid