Sculpture Class with Biz

      The week was the very last session of Teen Art Lab. I was excited to find out that I would be assisting the class. The first day was a bit messy as we had to figure out what supplies we would even need for the class. The students were slightly rowdy but were just excited about learning. Watching Biz explain her experience with boat building and the different aspects of it was fascinating. She mostly focused on informing the kids but we also had a moment where we all got to make a cardboard canoe to practice with the material. The day went pretty well.

     The next few days the entire class really focused on getting their real sculptures done. I was even able to create my own boat with the help of Biz. I also got to observe all the students take all the info they got from the first day and combine it in different ways to make boats that they were satisfied with. Not everyone is finished yet but so far they all look beautiful in their own way. I’m very excited for the exhibition at Broadway Arts so I can see everybody’s work displayed.