ARTBAR By...Jeanetta Depace

When I first arrive at the art bar no one was there, it was weird because I usually see Nick and Allysia but they both called in sick so I guess I was on my own.

I waited a few more minutes and finally Mrs. G came and told me they weren't coming so then we went on business as usual. We first went and got drinks from Peace nation, one lemonade and one iced coffee. After we drank up all our liquids we went straight to the art bar which was finally open!

We finally got inside at about 2:15 I looked at the artwork and murals around they were all so beautiful and colorful and glistening. It didn't take me long to view all the art but they were all vibrant in their own ways.

After we were done at the art bar we went to the library and Mrs. G told me to write a resume for my next job because this job ends on the 27th on July which is soon to come sadly because I kind of got used to waking up and seeing familiar faces but life goes on!