Install At The Cafe By...Jeanetta Depace

We  all met down town at a café to install a show for a local artist, Vincent Pidone. I was very nervous because I don't know anything about art, let alone how to install it.  I have never hung any art in my life, so the experience was definitely one I had to get use to.

We all started hanging up Vincent's art work, one by one with nails and putty. When we were done we had to make sure everything was aligned so it would look presentable to the viewers eye.

I myself wasn't really into all the hanging. I was just watching and sometimes measuring in between the paintings. After the paintings were hung we started setting and placing snacks for our viewers to come in.

Not many people came to the art show that day but we all still had fun eating, laughing and enjoying the artwork around us.  

kerry and vincent.jpg