KHS Media Arts Winners on display at PUGG

Each year the New York State Media Art Teachers Association, in the Mid-Hudson region, hosts a Media Arts Conference in Westchester New York. The conference is designed for high school students working in the field of media arts: Digital and Darkroom Photography, Computer, Film, and Sound art. Students submit works to be judged for Exemplary Media Awards

To earn an "Exemplary Media Art Award", a student's work must show noteworthy content, a creative approach, attention to composition and a command of craft.

  • clarity of vision / personal or social statement and content appropriate for a high school audience
  • creativity, inventiveness, originality
  • design, image composition
  • Craftsmanship, technique as fitting the media e.g. clear sound, lighting, shots, etc.


The Media Arts Show is a unique opportunity for students to exhibit/screen their work and see what their peers are producing.


This year Kingston High School students were honored with 12 Exemplary Awards for Digital and Darkroom Photography, 1 President’s Award for Film and Video and 1 President’s Award for Digital Photography.

Exemplary Awards

Alexia Avery

Abbie Bronco

Anya Deising

Madison Divori

Brendan Gallagher

Tatiana Hunter

Abigail  Mayone

Ava Simonini

Taylor Warncke

Hellen Wunderlich

Veronica Yander


President’s Award for Digital Photography

Shawna Smith


President’s Award Film and Video

Emma Townsend-Stiegler