The Limits of Empathy Gallery Openning

     On April 1st 2017, a tiny window front on Broadway streamed with a crowd onto the steps and through the glass door that allowed visitors to peek inside at Rebecca Hellard's fantastic work. She show cased her She Series of water colors and oil paintings of imaginative landscapes. Limits of Empathy officially opened to the public on March seventeenth and will remain on display at the PUGG gallery until April twentieth-first. Guests of all kinds were present, people of various ages. Even a child as young as ten, from friends, relatives, and strangers. By the end a bouquet rested happily in Rebecca's hands. The opening lasted from 4 pm to 8 pm. People going in and out continued throughout the evening.

     Some may have been swayed by the temptation of food to stop in, but the main attraction was undoubtedly the beautifully crafted art hanging on the walls. Many were interested in the large oil paintings that depicted vast stretches of land. Rebecca said that the space between the viewer and the image was the most valuable. The steps need to cross the terrain and the limitless of them was what she wanted the audience to observe. For her detailed water colors she wanted to explore how simple a shape could be before humans stop feeling care and empathy towards it, as stated in the title of the gallery: The Limits of Empathy. The pieces were created with soft and gentle colors, contrasting with the abstractness of the impalpable organisms.

     Through out the opening Rebecca was busied with greetings. Support and genuine enthusiasm were expressed for her future shows. A graduate from Kingston High school and a young artist with promising talents, she is also a sweet and lovable girl. We look forward to her next project and wish that she'll display her work with us again at the PUGG gallery. Her light water colors and striking geography portrayed in the oil paintings shouldn't be missed.

( Prints are available for the three of her water colors ranging form fifty dollars to seventy-five dollars. Her oil paintings range in price from 800.00 to 2000.00)