PUGG (Pop Up Gallery Group) will collaborate again with Ed Kang, City of Kingston, Office of Community Development, and Kingston High School in engaging young artists in the community. PUGG Gallery was developed by Lara Giordano to teach emerging artists of Kingston High School skills in art management. 

 PUGG Gallery is showcases the work of Kingston High School Alumni. This summer, PUGG will feature the work of Adrielle Farr (Class of 2009). While at KHS, Adrielle was actively involved in the art and literature magazine, Reason and Rhyme, which encouraged communal creative engagement. Adrielle received her BFA in Fine Art from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. She currently works at KXB Studio as Creative Director and Animator.

“Life of Moa” will feature a collection of murals hand-painted directly on the gallery walls. The murals depict the colorful world of the fantastical prophet Moa, and will be created with the assistance of the Kingston High School students. Traditional mythological motifs from various cultures are subverted into the artist's bold and graphic style of illustration. 

We hope you will join us at PUGG Gallery for the opening reception on June 17th.