Teen Art Lab 2018


Over the course of three weeks students worked with local artists, Joe Gonzalez, Adrielle Farr, and Biz Goldhammer, to explore photography, animation and puppet making, and sculpture, motivated by boat building techniques. Students explored midtown Kingston on their photography outings, they learned new technologies and techniques in animation and they paid a visit to the Maritime Museum and boat school, while engaged in the sculpture process. It was amazing to watch the students dig into the artistic process. 

The work was shown at the Broadway Arts Gallery, August 4, with a great turn out. The work will also be on display at DRAW/YMCA during ArtWalk, Sept. 22-23, noon - 5pm, along with examples of drawings, prints, and collage made at the DRAW/YMCA studio, where programs are available for all ages and experience levels.

“ I loved the freedom we had. I most art camps you don’t always have as much freedom as we did in this experience”

“ I feel very proud of what I made during the workshop and I learned a lot of skills that I will implement into my everyday life.”

“ My experience at DRAW/Teen Art Lab was one I’ll never forget.  I found a love for taking pictures and having them speak to people”

“ In the short time that I was here, we all became a family.  We used each other’s talents and helped each other create our art, which was really cool.”

“ It is an excellent local way to enhance ones skills in the arts”

See some pictures....