“The Exaggerated and the Unreal”

Paintings by Maxim von Eikh

Opening Reception April 6, 5pm - 7pm

Kingston Artist Collective

63 Broadway, Kingston, NY

--- With intensity and visceral quality, von Eikh’s work comes to life through mark making inspired by the rough and ruined nature of urban decay, graffiti art, and the exaggerated qualities often found in a free imagination (day dreaming or mental un-health). Reiterating practices that are both practiced well and are seen as raw and obsessive techniques von Eikh forgoes the lessons learned by masters as well as the mistakes made by previous artists and simply goes all in, using his gut and his intuition to meld the mediums (anything available) at his fingertips into an image perhaps palpable, perhaps upsetting but always hallucinatory and even surreal in nature. The exaggerated is his aim and it is his longing in expression, his constant upending desire to create in the raw that fuels his work. Work on display through April 30, 2019.