Sample Lesson Plan




Rationale/global connection: This is a brief overriding statement about why this project is important or relevant globally? How does it connect to your art practice? , and specifically this population? What do you hope this project will bring or contribute to the community?


Project: (briefly describe the project)


Objectives: (What are the goals of the project?)


Projected Outcome: How do you imagine the work to be shared with the public?

How might you connect studio work to participants’  personal experience, a broader concept, a specific community or an essential question?


List of individual workshops/days. How many are there? How long is a workshop? What are the goals/objectives of the specific workshop? What will you teach and in what order? (Intro will probably be first)


Introduction: How will you initially engage your audience?

What /how will you introduce the subject, materials or processes? (for each workshop day)


Schedule: What will happen when.(For each workshop/studio visit if different.)  

  • ·Morning-Students arrive …something happens

  • Lunch break…

  •   Afternoon-…something happens or continues…

  •  Clean up/storage…students leave space by something o’clock. (How much time, how will this be implemented?)


Demonstrations: you will want to make samples of steps, or demos…keeping in mind dialog, time to demo and time allotted if the process needs to be practiced together.


Things to consider:

Studio arrangement: Will students work together, share stations? Where /how will they get materials and store work?


How will you encourage/support students to combine techniques, build complexity or to experiment?


Vocabulary: (what new processes, materials, and technique will students learn?)  sample steps, visual references, quick sketches and text…help to support learning diversity..


What questions will you ask to spark creativity? To engage design, and concept thinking and aesthetic considerations ….prompts?, activities?


Reflection: How will students reflect on their work and how will you lead this reflection?

Wrap up for the next session…something to think about, bring/do for next session…


Materials: a complete list of tools and materials for each day of a workshop

Resources: You may want to have images for student reference….printouts