Katherine Solomon: Photographs

Opening Reception: 1st Saturday, January 5, 6pm-8pm

Katherine Solomon is a photographer from Rosendale, now living in New York City. 
She graduated from Kingston High School in 2010, and attended Skidmore College.  Since graduating, Katherine has worked as a photo assistant, worked in the photo department in a furniture warehouse, and worked in a gallery. She is currently assisting photographer, Mark Seliger. 
In her own work, she has photographed for a few magazines, including Teen Vogue and Nylon. 
She loves photographing animals and domesticity.

Artist Statement:

In my work I tend to focus on the same themes over and over. I am obsessed with ideas of domesticity and the troubled housewife. I have tried and tried to broaden my interests, but I keep returning to photographing housewife scenes over and over again. I think my pictures tend towards having a darker undertone. Photographs that are most interesting to me are pictures that have an obvious story to tell (with lots to look at), but you are left to come up with the story yourself.