Curated Shorts: Winter 2019


The Department of  Regional Art Workers offers our second series of materials exploration workshops, in a variety of media. Meet local artists, sample a few selections from our Curated Shorts: Workshops a la carte  or attend the entire series and then tell us what you have an appetite for as we move forward.

Workshops are held at the DRAW/YMCA, 507 Broadway, Kingston, NY 11am - 2pm, all materials provided



Jan 12: Collage with Encaustic Medium:  Judith Hoyt

In this workshop we will create small collages using new and recycled paper on 6” x 6” boards adding a final layer of encaustic medium (wax). Please bring any collage materials you would like to work with. Read More….

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Jan 19: Birch Bark Cutting: Jenny Lee Fowler

We’ll observe examples of birch cutting and marking from northern traditions and learn how to apply basic paper cutting skills to create original artwork from this beautiful natural material. Read more…

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Jan 26: Introduction to Bookmaking: Chris Petrone

In this workshop you will learn several book binding techniques and will be introduced to alternative ways to work with a traditional codex, or multiple  book pages. Use folding, gluing and simple sewing to create sample book structures to use for reference in your own work or projects. Read More

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Feb 2: Guerrilla Silk style Screen Wayne Montecalvo

In this workshop you will reclaim and stretch a screen, learn some simple stencil and registration techniques...and you’ll have a chance to check out the printing process . You will be able to take your screen with you and easily print at home. Read more…

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Feb 9:Two Part Plaster Block Mold: Kelly McGrath

You will be introduced to basic mould terminology and to  a 2-part block mold construction. The mold from this class can be used to cast a variety of materials including plaster, clay, paper and wax. Read more…

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Feb 16: Exploring Watercolor Techniques: Air, Earth ,Water and  Fire: Carole Struve

In this class you be introduced to a range of basic watercolor techniques such as wet on dry, glazing, dry brush, resist, wet on wet, spattering and scratching. Using an intuitive approach to painting, you will explore  various techniques to create small watercolor paintings that depict the elements of air, earth, water and fire. Appropriate for all levels, beginners to advanced. Read more…

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