Curated Shorts: 2019, Fall Schedule

The Department of  Regional Art Workers offers our Fall series of materials exploration workshops, in a variety of media. Meet local artists, sample a few selections from our Curated Shorts: Workshops or attend the entire series. Explore Pop Up Books, Cyanotype, The Color Red, Book Binding, Experimental Water Color and Mono Prints. Workshops are held at the DRAW/YMCA, 507 Broadway, Kingston, NY.


Collage with Encaustic Medium : Judith Hoyt

October 12, 10:30-2:00

Collage is the construction of images through the deceptively simple act of pasting cut or torn papers. In this workshop we will create small collages using new and recycled paper on 6” x 6” boards adding a final layer of encaustic medium (wax). Bring any collage materials you would like to work with.



Exploring Watercolor Techniques with Carole Struve Air, Earth ,Water and  Fire

October 26, 10:30-2:00

In this class you will be introduced to a range of basic watercolor techniques such as wet on dry, glazing, dry brush, resist, wet on wet, spattering and scratching. Using an intuitive approach to painting, you will explore various techniques to create small watercolor paintings that depict the elements of air, earth, water and fire.  Appropriate for all levels, beginners to advanced.


How to Make a Book image.145512.jpg

How to Sew a Book: Nov.2, 10:30-1:30

Making A Book Cover: Nov.9 10:30-1:30

with Kaitlin Patterson of Mountain Books

Learn how to make a text block to create a notebook or sketchbook followed by learning how to make a book cover for your creation, or replace a worn out cover for an old favorite book. Students who took Sewing A Book should bring their textblock. Other students can bring either an old book they wish to fix, or a notebook they would like to make a new cover for.

Register: Nov 2

Register: Nov 9


Color Experience with Tom Sarrantonio

November 16, 10:30-2pm

This workshop will explore Color through hands-on experience and experimentation, using acrylic paints to create small color studies. Workshop emphasis will be on developing a personal color sense through color-mixing and awareness of the infinite variety and mutability of color. Discussion and demonstration of the limitations of Color Theory will help free the individual from reliance on arbitrary rules concerning color practice.


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Monoprint with Lara Giordano

 November 23, 10:00am-2:00pm

 Work with a wide variety of monoprint techniques that build on drawing, painting and the use of stencils. Students will create one of a kind images that can stand on their own or be used later in a mixed media process. Discover how you can create unique, painterly prints in a matter of hours. Monoprints are one-of-a-kind prints that are the most flexible and least intimidating of all the printmaking processes. A monoprint can be a beautiful print on its own or used as inspiration for mixed media work later.


Sunday series of 3 silkscreen workshops

October 6,10;30-1;30, October 20,10:30-2:30, November 3, 10;30-2:30 

In this 3 day workshop participants will learn how to prepare photographic images for silkscreen printing by  exploring methods to change continuous tone photos into halftone black and white images. They will expose several screens and create several exploratory prints using their photographic images.

$300 or $250 for Y members for the full series.

At D.R.A.W. Studio @ YMCA, 507 Broadway, Kingston

more information and register here


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