Sunday series : Photo Silkscreen with Wayne Montecalvo


Sunday series : Photo Silkscreen with Wayne Montecalvo

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Photo Silkscreen with Wayne Montecalvo

Sunday series of 3 silkscreen workshops

October 6,10;30-1;30

October 20,10:30-2:30

November 3, 10;30-2:30 

At DRAW  Studio @ YMCA, 507 Broadway, Kingston

Silkscreen Printing Photographs. 

In this 3 day workshop participants will learn how to prepare photographic images for silkscreen printing by  exploring methods to change continuous tone photos into halftone black and white images.They will expose several screens and create several exploratory prints using their photographic images.

Bring a computer with Photoshop installed, basic understanding of Photoshop is good enough, I’ll walk you through it. 

My passion is to start with something familiar, and take it beyond familiar. I like to incorporate the uncontrollable in my work, and welcome accidental shifts along the way. I work with image, process, and a variety of materials in order to push the confines of art making to reinvent, rather than reproduce. Often I try to “mess up” an image anyway I can, and feel that an artwork should be pushed beyond the comfort zone, and then brought back under control, or maybe not.

Photo Silkscreen:
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